I had my diagnostic with Apnea Health. They were very flexible and efficient. They came to my home to do the installation of the diagnostic device. I had my results within one week. I am very pleased with the service I received from the staff at Apnea Health.
Andrew Driver, Saint-Lazare

At Apnée Santé, I immediately felt at ease. The respiratory therapist was able to teach and reassure me about the intricacies of the CPAP. I know that I can phone her at any time as she is always available, very professional, and her amiable smile is very comforting. Along with Nadine and Larissa, they form a formidable team that we visit with great pleasure. For those considering treatment, I have regained my energy and good humour. The adaptation period to the machine is over and I now sleep very well. This summer I took my CPAP on a trip and had no trouble in the airports. My only regret is that I was not referred to Apnée Santé years ago!
Colette Ferret, Vaudreuil

The respiratory therapist, visited our home to help both me and my wife with mask changes and verification of our CPAP devices. We were very pleased not to have to travel anywhere to get CPAP support. The respiratory therapist was very helpful and we learned a lot which has benefited our therapy.
Anthony White, Saint-Lazare

I have been treated for sleep apnea for the past 5 years. It was time to change my CPAP machine. I wasn't able to visit a clinic during the day. Nadine, the respiratory therapist, visited my house twice in the evening to set up my new unit and to help me with some problems that I had with the treatment. She provided me with excellent information that has since helped my treatment.
Mark Renaud, Saint-Lazare

For someone with some form of sleep apnea the investment in a CPAP device is well worthwhile - better sleep and more energy during the day. My purchase of a CPAP was made through Apnee Sante where I found the service and follow up provided by the Company to be excellent and very professional.
Stephen Sewell, Ste. Agathe des Monts