CPAP Services in your Local Area

Clinical Procedure

The APNEA HEALTH Clinical Program is overseen by a doctor and administered by a certified respiratory therapist. It includes:

First Visit: CPAP Setup (about 2 hours)

  • OSA education
  • Review of doctor's prescription
  • Equipment selection, according to needs of patient and prescription
  • Mask fitting
  • Importance of therapy for patient's health
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Patient will receive Sleep Apnea booklet, Mask Troubleshooting Sheet, and Maintenance Sheet

Follow-up call within first 48 hours

  • Information gathering and support
  • Visit if necessary

Second Visit (2-4 weeks later):

  • Evaluation of treatment
  • Download data from CPAP
  • Adjustments if needed
  • Consultation with sleep doctor, if needed

Going forward:

  • Appointment at 3, 6 and 12 months under physician's supervision
  • Data downloads
  • Education review
  • Mask adjustments, replacements etc.