Mission Statement:

Apnea Heath’s Mission is three-fold, with each being as integral to our success as the next.

Service Mission – Provide the community with the highest quality diagnostic and treatment services for sleep apnea in a personalized and timely manner. Our staff takes the time to get to know our patients and provides them with a safe environment in which to be treated.

Community Mission – Provide a high level of quality support to the community through our staff involvement (education, consultations, follow-ups).

Economic Mission – Operate and grow at a profitable rate through sound economic decisions and ensure that the local community can rely on Apnea Health going forward.


Due to the safe and secure environment in which we provide quality care to our clients, we will become the most valued sleep apnea clinic to patients and medical professionals in the communities in which we work and live.


Our Accountability:

Our staff acts with honesty and integrity to provide the patient with the best possible care in a safe environment. We accept our clinic’s responsibilities in the community and we meet our commitments to both patient and referring doctor. We take responsibility for our performance in all our actions. Our services are of the highest quality.

Our Compassion:

We are caring professionals committed to helping patients sleep better and improve their overall health in our local communities. We are involved in community activities in meaningful ways, such as educational seminars on sleep apnea and associated illness, such as, diabetes Type 2.

Our flexibility:

Our staff is committed to understanding the needs and circumstances of each patient, in order to find solutions that best cater to that patient, while still maintaining our high level of quality, whether in diagnosing sleep apnea or treating it.

Our Collaboration:

In the pursuit of offering the highest quality care to our community, we work with local physicians to treat their patients and provide feedback from both our respiratory therapist and respirologist to the patient and the referring doctors. All clinical team members are encouraged to openly share and communicate with referring physicians and their patients.